Summary and Leadership Structure
– The DC859 started in 2017. It was formed by byt3boy and several local hackers. byt3boy, Panc4yk, Bill, th3-b34rd, and J0K3R help run the meetings and Panc4yk is now managing our website.

– Stay tuned on upcoming meeting times and locations.

*We currently meet monthly and are working on getting a solid venue close to downtown. At the moment we change venues periodically and conduct meetings where we share tips, tricks and advise for getting started in the infosec community as both professionals and hobbyists.*

Areas of Special Interest
– Red teaming, social engineering, penetration testing, physical security, security awareness, parkour, lock picking and retro video games.

Current Projects
– Proximity badge sniffing, cloning and bypassing
– Explaining the basics of hacking and discussing career paths in infosec.
– Lock picking 101: Laws, Privacy, and How-To’s
– Red Team toolkits
– RetroPi
– OSINT 101

Cool Things About Us:
– We love ninjas!

Contact Info (POC or any other relevant)
– Tim (byt3boy) – is the main contact at byt3boy.DC859@gmail.com
– Panc4yk – is the secondary contact at panc4yk.DC859@gmail.com
– Brian (th3-b34rd) and Bill – are tertiary contacts

Primary/Other Languages Spoken
– English, but hey we like Portuguese too.